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Thank you for dropping by. God is Good.

This web page exists to introduce you to us as well as assist members and attenders in knowing about the opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth found in this "Family of Faith." Feel free to browse,  If you have questions, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact us.  Grace to You.


May 26 @ 10:30


M-Fuge June 3rd-8th

Pray for a great camp

for students and adults!


June 24th-28th

Scan the Code to Pre-Register

or click here:

Join us for a great underwater

adventure of God's Word!

VBS 2024 SCUBA.png


Student Revival

Teams are forming now! Knoxville and North Dakato
See Pud or Bro. Jerry for Details. 

Links to the Church Ministries


Provide a general description of the items below and introduce the services you offer. Click on the text box to edit the content.


Links to Help You


Mission Trips

Missions are a part of the life of NHBC. Each year, the church sponsors mission trips. For 2023, the trip will be to Kentucky and for 2024, we are looking into a Canada connection.  


The New Hope family is blessed to have a small K-12 school that meets in the church facilities. In 2023, we graduate our 3rd class which makes the school about 10 years old. The link in the title takes you to the NHCCS's Facebook page.  We believe God has given us this opportunity to affect the lives of these 70 students. 

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