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You'll find a place where God is real, the message is real and the people are real. This is a family who is far from perfect, who knows there are disappointments in life—but who also know where hope is found.

At New Hope Baptist Church, you'll find people who will be your friends and encouragers. During Sunday morning worship, you can expect a time of singing and praise to God, prayer, and biblical preaching in our worship services every Sunday and Wednesday. And you can expect a time of Bible study, relationship building, and encouragement in our discipleship groups on Sunday evening.

Childcare is normally provided at all worship services and age-group activities that occur during Sunday School and Wednesday Bible study time. Obviously, our MANY ACTIVITIES AND MINISTRIES are at a minimum due to COVID and desiring to keep people safe.

Dress comfortable - you'll find us wearing everything from suits and ties to T-shirts and jeans.  MASKS ARE ENCOURAGED, but not required.  Also, WE HAVE HAND SANITIZER STATIONS around the facility.

You will find a place to:

  • belong as you develop friendships

  • grow through Bible studies

  • serve with joy

  • most of all, worship the LORD

Where we are located:

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