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How DO I Become a


of the NHBC Family?

"Discovery Class"

  This one hour will be scheduled from time to time so that anyone who would like to attend, can have the opportunity.  At the present time, it is taught by Bro. Jerry and will offer you a more intimate knowledge of the NHBC family as well as a time to get answers to your questions. 


This class is for all new and potential members


If you are interested in joining the NHBC family, please let us know in one of the following ways.


1) Hit this link - fill out the "Connection Card"

2) Call Mrs. Beth in the office (01-736-6511)

3) Fill Out the Card in the Sunday Information Sheet &

Hand it to Bro. Jerry or Mrs. Beth

The Process of Becoming a Member


Upon completing the Discovery Class and signing a "Membership Covenant", a person is presented to the church for membership in one of the following ways:

1) Profession of Faith - To be a member of the NHBC family, a person must

                                                confess Jesus as the Savior of Lord of their lives,     

                                                having placed the faith in Him by repenting of their

                                                sins and believing only in Jesus for salvation.

2) Baptism - To become a member of the NHBC family, a person must be or have

                           been baptized by the water baptism (immersion).  If you have made

                           a decision to follow Christ and have never been immersed, it would                             be our honor to do so.  

3) By Letter -

4) By Statement -

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